Friday, March 29, 2013

Moving Day!

Wednesday, March 27th

The first thing we displayed in our new house from the motorhome was this plaque. Sandee, Shawn, and the kids gave us this for our anniversary this year and it immediately became my favorite saying. I frequently mention that I'm the luckiest woman alive and it is because love came along and brought me this fairy tale of a life!

We spent most of the morning getting everything organized in the motorhome to move it, taking down the pet fence, storing the patio rug, visiting with the neighbors who will all be heading home over the next week, disconnecting from KOA services, and then moving to our new home. The girls rode in the car with me since Rich's bike took up much of the space in the motorhome.

Saying farewell to our neighborhood at the Apache Junction KOA.

Rich is totally thrilled to be parking the motorhome at our own place.

Throughout the process of buying the house, we had never brought the girls out here so this was their first exploration.

After unloading and putting away things we brought in from the motorhome and making sure that the girls were settled, we went to Target shopping. It's hard to imagine all the things you need when essentially starting from scratch.

From Target we drove to IKEA and bought two dressers to place inside our closet. I don't think we could have found a place to put so much as a box of toothpicks anyplace in that car with all we bought at Target and IKEA, it was packed. By the time we got home and had everything unloaded we were totally exhausted. There were still things to put away and new sheets to launder though. Later, we stepped into our front yard to marvel at the full moon over the Superstitions again tonight.

Lovin' Life ~~ Even When Exhausted

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