Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flowers of Florida

We are home from our first retirement trip and trying to get caught up on many chores. There will probably be more posts of our trip as I go back through photos, but today I'm posting a collage of flowers.

I took a number of photos of flowers and trees while we were in Florida. My niece, also blogs at under the name Our Backyard and Beyond. When we stopped at their place after leaving Memphis, she told me about this site where we can make collages of photos to post to our blogs...way cool!
Don't forget to click on the image above to see a larger display of this collage.
Most of these were taken in Key West; the flowers there were so beautiful! And Rich gets much credit for his participation and patience...always. Every time I would shout "STOP!" so that I could take another photo he would have to find a safe place to pull over, or go around the block, or maneuver around some other obstacle. What a guy!

It pleases me so much to hear from some of you who really enjoyed following along on our trip through this blog; hopefully you will enjoy seeing these flowers too.


  1. Glad you made it back safely. Thanks for all of the great pictures and for allowing us to go on your wonderful trip with you. See you in a couple weeks!!

  2. Awesome collage. I think I definitely need to do the paid version for this too. =)

    See you soon!


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