Thursday, May 20, 2010

Their 15th Wedding Anniversary!

On this beautiful spring day, our daughter and son-in-law will celebrate their 15th Wedding Anniversary.
It doesn’t matter

Where you go in life…

What you do…

Or how much you have…

It’s who you have beside you.

You are so lucky to be going through life compliment each other beautifully in so many ways. We are especially proud of the phenomenal parenting skills that come so naturally to both of you. You all have such fun together on a daily basis...what treasured family memories you are building.
Happy Anniversary with our wishes for many, many more!
We love you!


  1. Awe! Congrats Sandee and Shawn! You guys still look as young and happy today as you did 15 years ago! To many more!

  2. I love that picture that you put up of Sandee and Shawn. Wow 15 years is wonderful i hope g and i look as good as you to do when we have been married for 15 years. I am happy for the two of you.


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