Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

We got up early so that we could watch the sunrise on Daytona Beach...what a perfect start to a lovely Mother's Day.
After breakfast at the very cool Starlight Diner a block from the beach we drove over to the Speedway to take more photos in better light for the grands.
On the way back we discovered Tuscawilla Park, a small quiet green oasis in Daytona. There were some fascinating stone & mortar structures but no information about them. Can you see the two little lizards on the park sign? You'll have to look very closely even if you click and enlarge the photo.
Midday found us at Canaveral Seashore National Park with the girls. They were so excited about going on an outing. Here they are walking up to Turtle Mound.
I was most enthralled by the beautiful regrowth of vegetation in a burn area there. Isn't this amazing?
We finished this beautiful Florida day with dinner at Boondockers on the Halifax is an open air restaurant which was perfect for the 80° temps with a gentle breeze we enjoyed today.

Tomorrow we'll be on the move so we'll chat when we have Wi-Fi again!

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  1. Happy mothers day! We are enjoying seeing your updates. Your month of travels are going to zip by soooo fast! Guess retirement isn't going to be too slow for you for a while. =) "See" ya again soon.


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