Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Trails...Another Awesome April 30th!!!

I should start having contests and awarding prizes like the big girl bloggers because who among you can name this person?
Not you, Bev, you can't enter this contest
...silly girl.

It only occurred to me a couple of evenings ago that, twice now, April 30th has been an auspicious day in my life. Yes, that is me in the photo below which was taken on April 30, 1986.

In this photo I am holding gifts and a cake that I received at my going away party that day. After 13 years at Capitol Records-EMI Music, April 30th was my last day before leaving to join Rich in LA. We had married in January and then I returned home to settle all the details of moving the kids and I. That included giving several months notice upon my return from our wedding and working until April 30th.

That was 1986 and the beginning of the most awesome 24 years imaginable.

Not that, for all their fabulousness, the years haven't take a toll. Here I am now. Again, with no thought whatsoever about any pattern or coincidence, I gave notice in mid-January and then on April 30th I left the college after spending 13 years there too. Do you see a pattern here? A bit of déjà vu?

This time my going away party was to celebrate my retirement; Rich and I both retired yesterday! I can only hope and dream that MOAO and I will have another 24 years to enjoy our life together. To launch the next 24 years with the same sense of adventure and desire to explore that has led to so much fun and provided so many opportunities throughout the years, we are leaving soon for the Florida Keys. This will be the first of hopefully many trips in our RV with the girls and our grandkids.

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