Tuesday, May 4, 2010

They DIM the Lights

So many new experiences now that I am out in the world on week days. Today I went to a Supercenter to pick up a few last minute things for our trip. I'm trying to be ever mindful about spending these days...have I mentioned that we retired last Friday? I thought maybe I did...

Anyway, I was shopping and all of a sudden my world darkened. It was a bit freaky because I could hardly see to continue reading the magazine article I was immersed in...just kidding, I wouldn't read magazines there just to save money...no, really. Moments later the area brightened again. As I resumed my shopping and walked from department to department, it continued...the lights would dim, then brighten. Now listen, I am in a Supercenter nearly every weekend and had never experienced this before. Obviously it's a weekday phenomenon.

I did figure it out...they DIM and brighten the lights on a rotating basis throughout the store to conserve energy. Have any of you noticed that in other stores? By the by, it interrupts my reading time...do you think they know that?

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  1. no i have never had that happen to me when i was not working but having to go to stores to get things that we needed. Have a very safe first day when you leave tomorrow and everyother day until you can send a new blog out to us. We will miss you guys very much be safe.


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