Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meandering Through the Everglades

Yes, we are still in Florida and obviously have Wi-Fi this evening. We left the Keys on Tuesday morning and only drove as far as Florida City. After settling into an RV Park (Wal-Marts are off limits in much of Florida it appears) we loaded the girls in the car and drove all the way through the Everglades to Flamingo, at the southern end of the park. What an amazing place that is and we were so lucky to see so much wildlife. A snake in the road was so quick to get away that I couldn't even get a photo. Here's a selection of what I did get though...
A pair of loud pig frogs
An alligator that backed away from the shore and swam across the pond
Herons, pelicans, flamingos, turkey vultures, and a large turtle...
But the best of all, was the baby crocodile on the road...
Tonight we are in Panama City Beach, Florida...and what a beautiful beach it is! Tomorrow I'll fill you in on the past couple of days, which have mostly involved driving through rural areas of western Florida.

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  1. You aloways take the best pictures of all the animals and wild life that you see while you and dad have been away i just love to read about everything that you have done as well as what you have seen. When i am reading your blogs i feel like i am there with the two of you. Keep it up i get on as often as i can but there are some days i am to tired to get on to see what you have writen so i always go back until i have read everything that you put on for the days that i missed.keep up the fun and the wonderful writing


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