Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Key West!

Last night we stayed at a KOA next door to Lion Country Safari west of West Palm Beach and, yes, we did hear the lions roar a few times! We drove on the Florida Turnpike yesterday and today...and Rich thought Chicago tollways were expensive. Every few miles we had to pay another $3.00...yikes!

We made it to the Keys early this afternoon, just as we had planned. This photo was taken as we approached Key Largo.
And this is one of many shots of the water...the color often reminded me of Alaskan glaciers...that amazing turquoise/blue.
After we settled in at the Sugarloaf Key KOA, we continued on down to Key West and discovered that it's a much bigger town than we expected. Picking it at random as we drove around, we had dinner at Daddy Bones...great smoked brisket and pulled pork! What a lucky choice. The place was very cool too as you can see in these photos...

We also made the acquaintance of the famous, albeit much maligned and controversial, Key West Gypsy Chickens. We saw three this evening; this one was hanging out in the Home Depot parking lot and spread his feathers for me like he was posing.


  1. Ah, you saw the chickens! We got a chuckle at seeing them everywhere while we were in Key West too. If you are eating in Key West again, we really liked the Hogs Breath. Don't remember where it was, but Ross liked the cheeseburgers. I think we ate there a couple of times the 3 days we were there. There was also a "fancy" Italian place that was incredible. Waiters with towels on their arms, brushed the crumbs off the table between courses. I felt a little under dressed in kahkis and a nice shirt, but that was more dressed up than most of the patrons. Looking forward to more details. I can ask Darrin what it was called and let you know later. Some of the details of that trip are a little sparse in my brain. Must be because it was 7 years ago. I am sure nothing else influenced my memory!

  2. Too funny Amber; my memories of this trip may end up being a bit fuzzy too. We've drank more beer this trip...must be the heat 'cause I have NEVER drank beer.

  3. Ah, the beer drinking could explain why you thought the chicken was posing for you!!

  4. Oh Oh!!! Looks like you're going to need a designated driver. Maybe Houdini girl can help you out and Dora could be her navigator.
    The pictures are wonderful. Keep posting them.
    How's everything working out 24/7?

  5. I think my issue was the margaritas and the daquaris. Mmmmmm...
    La Trattora is the name of that Italian restaurant.

    Have Fun!


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