Monday, May 24, 2010

My Hero...Always!

This morning we took the girls along for a drive along what is marked as a scenic highway in Arkansas...different definitions of scenic must apply to various areas because rural roads with bean, milo, and corn fields alongside that pass through very small, very poor towns do not imply 'scenic' to me.

Then as we drove along a pretty little lake, there was a sign that said the pavement was ending; that was the beginning of a 15 mile stretch of dirt/gravel one lane road with no houses or signs of human life at all...yikes! It was scenic though, especially the swamp sections.
 Expecting to see some wildlife in such a remote quiet area, we were talking about our disappointment in only seeing a rabbit that had jumped across in front of the car. Suddenly Rich stopped the car and asked if I saw it...nope, I missed it...did you kill it? He wasn't sure so pulled to the left side of the road and suggested that I get out and take pictures of it. Well...there are limits to my wildlife photography and he had just exceeded them! Always my hero, he pulled the car to the right of the road and jumped out with the camera in hand. He had not hit it after all and took several photos of it leaving the road and climbing an embankment. It was a full grown Timber Rattlesnake! 
Right now we're back at the RV waiting out the storm so we can go to Beale Street. When we got back up to Memphis, we drove through torrential rain. It seems to be letting up and he's ready to hit the town...more later perhaps!


  1. I have to say, Too cool! I have seen a few timbers in the wild, and they always facinate me. The black on them can look like velvet. Amazing critters.

  2. Yes! An article we found online said they are sometimes known as velvet-tail rattlers!


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