Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Even in paradise there are days when we must Take Care of Business and today was one of those. I prepared the meat for three quick meals, did dishes, and cleaned floors. Rich put up a wire corner shelf in the bathroom, worked on cable, and took care of a few more little tasks.

After lunch we drove back down to Key West for more exploring and a walk on the beach. Yes, that is Rich, he's actually walking in the ocean wearing his new sandals...the kids will be shocked!
And sometimes, after finishing all the chores and enjoying a couple hours of sightseeing, a taste of home can be quite refreshing!
This evening there is a gentle breeze, the humidity has dropped, we shared a beer while sitting outside with the girls listening to the band play at the outdoor pub here at the KOA, and the sound of their playing drifts in our open windows as I sit here typing this post. Hope you all are having a lovely evening!

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  1. i am glad you are having a nice evening so am i at home with the dogs while g is at work. say hi to rich and the girls for us. That was a surprise to see Rich walking by the ocian but it wa nice that he walked by the ocian with you and i loved the picktures that you have been putting on the blog.


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