Monday, May 24, 2010

The Home Stretch

It was barely raining when we got to Beale Street earlier so we walked along the few blocks of restaurants and shops.
Now listen, this next photo has everything to do with those zippered bottle jackets we got in the Keys and absolutely nothing to do with the sign over Rich's left shoulder. It was taken on Beale street for Rich to send to the guys he worked with. After we got home and looked at the photos we both cracked up...Rich said "Does that sign make my ass look bigger?" Neither of us saw that sign at all when we were there...still laughing...
We ate at STAX Rum Boogie Cafe, a really cool place that's been in business on Beale Street for 25 years. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of guitars hanging on the walls and from the ceiling everywhere you look. Each was signed by a famous performer in the music industry or other celebrity. STAX provides the guitars but all of those people have actually been in the place and signed the guitar while there.
The food was amazing too. We started with a cup of Gator Gumbo...yes, it had alligator in it along with so many other meats, seafood, veggies, etc that I can't remember half of them. It was interesting but certainly edible. I had what was perhaps the best catfish filets I've ever eaten...perfectly breaded and fried.
But the Memphis BBQ ribs that Rich had were indescribably delicious and oh-so-meaty! There was a dry rub on them that was an ideal blend of spices and on the side were a couple of great sauces.
This was the sky over Marion, Arkansas as we came back this evening. 
After the storms, the weather has cooled so much that we have had both doors and all the windows open since we got back. Again tonight, Rich just couldn't beat me at Dominoes...hasn't been able to win at Casino either...the luck's all been mine, in so many ways! Tomorrow we head up the road a short piece to visit our niece and her family in southeastern Missouri. From there we plan to stop and see my mom, brother, and SIL before driving the final leg back home on Thursday or Friday. This has been an amazing adventure! My thanks to all of you who have followed along!

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