Monday, March 19, 2012

Apache Trail to Canyon Lake

Since the kids had spent the night again, we were slow getting around on Friday morning. It was a beautiful day with rain forecast for the next few days so we decided to drive up to Tortilla Flat for lunch...not a universally popular plan. The kids were, shall we say, a bit disgruntled...haha...which doesn't stop me from pointing out all the beauty of this, their home state.

We started out driving a really fun stretch of road that is much like a roller coaster; it can give you the tummy flips because some of those dips are really deep.

This was the first overlook at Canyon Lake and the best photo of the kids all day. Oh, you don't see the lake? That's because they didn't want to walk across the parking lot to where you see it.

This is such a beautiful scene but the last time we drove up here my camera was accidentally set on fish eye so I also have a couple of very weird photos of it.

After passing Canyon Lake you look down into this valley at the little town of Tortilla Flat, population 6. We had planned to have lunch here but the town was packed and there was no place to even park. We just turned around and headed back toward home.

The views of Canyon Lake are better on the return trip.

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