Friday, March 16, 2012

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

This Arboretum is in Superior, AZ and we took the kids there Tuesday to hike the main trail. It's a magnificent place and, in spite of the comments we heard to the contrary, the kids had a good time too. Yes, I am aware that I am posting this late Thursday night but we have so much fun all day, every day and I'm still dealing with internet issues so I'm doing my best here to keep up.

Rich and I love poppies.

Dylan is standing on a tree trunk and the roots make a great natural sculpture.

This is a Red Gum Eucalyptus tree. They are gigantic and the bark is so unusual.

Agave plant in bloom

Purple daisies

Can you tell what a fun time they're having??? giggle !!!!

In the next two photos they are all coming back from hiking the High Trail that led up a cliff overlooking Queen Creek.

Standing on the suspension bridge over Queen Creek

This was taken just before we began to climb the steepest part of the trail.

The guys had gone up ahead of Shelby and me.

Looking down on the trail below.

Jackson notice this rock that looked just like a finger and was pointing to the trail.

Just another incredible scene.

And another...yawn...haha!

Shelby in the Children's Garden

As they walked, side by side, away from me near the end of our hike I noticed that Jackson's shirt says, "Nothing stands in our way" and as a team, I hope this always holds true for them.

Lovin' Life ~~ Having Such Beautiful Places to Explore Together

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