Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Fun With The Kids

Saturday morning we got to the kids' house early because of a change in the wrestling schedule. When we arrived...

Sandee was enjoying a cup of coffee and a book.

Shelby was helping her dad put up a big white board for all of them to track their activities on, but stopped to show us her License to Write Cursive that she earned by taking a test at school.

Dylan was re-organizing his closet.

Jackson was bored, wanting someone to go shoot baskets with him at the park.

And then, the game changer! Shawn put the pull-up bar in place and they all had a ball demonstrating their strength.

They all laugh and have a good time whatever they're doing! Then it was a quick lunch and we were all on our way to our afternoon activities. Shelby and Dexter stepped outside to wave bye.

That reminds me to post this photo of the girls that I took when we got home from the kids'. They were groomed Friday morning...aren't they just so cute?!?!?!

Today was a special treat for me. The boys both had plans for the day so Sandee and Shelby met me at the mall that's halfway between us for a girls' afternoon of shopping and lunch and cupcakes. If you can't decide, just try on one shoe of each pair the next time you shop.

Even though she did score some clothes from me and a pair of shoes from her mom, Shelby decided to not get either of these sandals.

Lovin' Life ~~ Being So Close to the Kids

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  1. That pull up bar is a day changer. And the girls look SO CUTE...........Now if we could just do that with Dexter :)


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