Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hiking the Dutchman Trail

Again on Wednesday, we drove to the end of Peralta Road on the backside of the Superstition Mountains. About half way out, in the middle of that narrow dirt road, we saw a deer. It leaped into the brush so quickly that I missed catching it on the photo I shot. We all saw it though!

The kids had spent the night with us so it was a quick drive out there from where we stay. All told we hiked 2+ miles. We all hiked a mile in from the trailhead; Shelby and I stopped then and the three guys continued hiking for another + mile...I don't know just how much farther.

Our grands at the Dutchman trailhead.

Even though the trail was not difficult to follow; it was pretty rough at times.

At other times it was steep and narrow.

When we reached the saddle, Grandpa pointed out Geronimo's Cave high on a peak; they all had to point it out for me then.

Why yes, I was actually on this hike with them; whatever would make you wonder?!?

We continued our hike down the backside from that saddle.

A couple of early-bird hikers were coming out on that trail so we asked them to take a group shot. Rich had hoped we would at least get to this point so that we could see down and across this vast valley ringed with mountains.

This outcropping of rock was the end of the trail for Shelby and me. The kids loved climbing on it and were very careful because it dropped steeply off the backside.

From here, the three guys continued on. If you have very good eyesight or if you click to enlarge this photo they can be seen on the trail in the distance.

Shelby continued to explore the rocks and discovered her own little "house" where she could settle in for a rest.

Here come the guys, back to where we were waiting.

After climbing on the rocks again, we all headed back.

Rich had gone on ahead and, was already around this curve, when Dylan decided to go ahead and catch up with him.

Jackson and Shelby opted for the more languorous pace and stayed with me.

Have I neglected to mention how beautiful it was? The scenery. The weather. The trail. The kids' enjoyment.

After a time, we could see Dylan and Grandpa on the trail far below as they neared the parking lot.

Here Shelby, Jackson, and I are approaching the final rough section of trail before coming up into the parking lot.

The kids had so much more fun on this rustic, mountain hike than they ever do at an arboretum or botanic garden...hmmm

Just look at the happy faces as we head back to the RV Park. We got back just in time for our Wednesday Wings dinner at Filly's. This was the last of our Wednesday nights this winter so it was really cool to get to take the kids there and show them where we had spent all those evenings with our new friends.

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