Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scottsdale on Thursday

This past Thursday we spent much of the day in Scottsdale. Our objective was to visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. It is located on the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall which is adjacent to Old Town Scottsdale so there was much to explore. The expansive Mall has a few eateries, several large fountains, courtyards, sculptures, walkways, and beautiful landscaping.

The kids are overlooking the tree pictured below.

I LOVE temporary installation art and this has become a favorite of mine. The trunk and limbs are stuffed denim jeans-legs and the tree is loaded with whimsical shapes in a variety of colorful fabrics. It will only be there through May 12th so hurry.

I posted this photo on FB that evening. They are my LOVE!

This is one of the several fountains throughout the Mall; can you spot all four of them in this courtyard?

The kids loved this spiral (I know, Rich, it's actually a helix) staircase and turned it into a science experiment...seeing if they could drop Jackson's hat onto my head and dropping shoes to see whose hit the ground first. Well, of course, I was making sure no one or nothing was hurt.

This has become another of my favorite photos from this the way they were standing, more than the posed ones I took right after this.

We always have time for messing around too. Dylan was checking to see if the old guy was alive. Me and my man were modeling period costumes.

Shelby was just taking a break from all that walking. Jackson was illuminated by beams of polished steel.

In addition to all that, we did visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art as planned. Photography was forbidden in the galleries which was too bad because one large gallery exhibited such items as a pile of stones with a clear plastic baggie filled with water set on them, a round hairbrush placed in the mike holder of an old microphone stand, and a group of plain brown and plain white paper bags unfolded and standing with the open end down. It was fascinating to listen to the kids try to process, then classify, these and lots of similarly unique items as art, especially with G'Pa offering his esteemed opinions...haha! Me, I sincerely love that stuff.

Photography was allowed in one room that was furnished with wooden pallets; this is the ceiling of that room...

...which made everyone look like this...

It was another great day where we could have a lot of fun and still expose our grands to new ways of seeing the world. After all that, we had them home in plenty of time for Dylan to get to his power skate session that evening in preparation for the weekend's hockey tournament.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Beautifully Unique Experiences

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