Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Winter Sunday

While much of the Midwest was enjoying sunny temps in the 80s we were finally experiencing some winter on Sunday. Saturday night it had rained, the wind blew, and the temps dropped into the low 40s...brrr! Out here there is a bonus to beloved Superstition Mountains were covered with snow! After an early morning hockey game, we were driving home and the clouds had cleared enough to see snow covering the entire expanse that we see from our winter home.

I put a roast, carrots, and potatoes in the crockpot for a typical winter dinner and later in the afternoon we took a drive to photograph more of the snow. Note the acres of saguaro and green ground cover at the base of the mountains.

Along the way, we enjoyed seeing more of the blooming cactus and wildflowers that are seen in abundance now. My favorite, the ocotillo, is pictured below with its flickers of flame shooting from the ends of each stalk.

Sunday morning's hockey game ended the season for Dylan and his Phantoms. He was disappointed that they didn't make it to the final, championship game of the tournament. Grandpa and I are just happy to have been here to see so many games this season, to see how much he continues to improve as a player, and to share in his love for the game. I hope we all get to do this again next winter! Here are a few shots from this past weekend. Dylan has a purple and white uniform, stickers on his helmet and a white blade on his stick.

Our season is also nearing an end. After the kids go back to school next week, we will be heading home. For now though, we have a packed list of things to do before then! By the way...that roast really hit the spot on a wintry day.

Lovin' Life ~~ Enjoying Some Winter

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