Friday, March 9, 2012

Student-Led Conferences

We are winding down our winter in several ways. Yesterday afternoon we attended the last activity at Dylan's and Shelby's elementary school for this winter. This is the end of the third quarter so there was early dismissal and then student-led conferences all afternoon. Rich and I met them at school when they got out, we all had lunch and then hung out at their house until their folks came home.

Not wanting to pick which of them will be in the first photo (because they do notice and comment on things like this) I'm going to upload this one of Jackson first! We were back from school conferences by the time he got off the bus so I took this when he got home.

When we got to school, Dylan's was the first classroom we visited. He showed us a PowerPoint presentation he created about the space program, several worksheets, a math problem, and a folder of poems he had written. I was aware of his academic strengths but he surprised me with the creativity of his poetry!

In Shelby's classroom, she had a list of five activities to show us and then some optional ones. She identified and corrected errors on a couple of paragraphs, read to us, shared information about several pioneers in the American Civil Liberties movement,  explained a math exercise, and also shared a Power Point presentation. I'm just bowled over by what she does at her grade level!

Our last stop was the Library where both of them posed with their reading accomplishment wall. Shelby has read more than 250,000 words so far this school year and Dylan has exceeded 1,000,000 (yes, that's one million) words! Online they can look up books they want to read to see how many points toward the quarterly goal each student sets with the teacher and how many words there are...can you imagine?!

As though that wasn't enough amazement for one day, driving home from their house we had a clear view of this awesome moon all the way. It was so perfect...all the detail and that hint of gold left from the last rays of the sun. We very rarely see this much detail in the moon at home but the dry clear air here affords us better views of the stars and the moon. I could never get detailed shots of the moon with my old camera so am extra thrilled with this photo.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Attending the Kids' Activities

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