Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day!

Did we ever pack this Saturday full of fun and excitement! The first game of Dylan's hockey tournament started at 8:15 and they won in a great contest. Rich and I headed home from there to get ready for our drive out to Fountain Hills to join friends at the St. Patrick's Day Festival.

In the town center there is a large fountain in a lake that is surrounded by a lovely park. They claim the fountain is "world famous" and many come to see it erupt on the hour all day every day as weather permits. At noon on this day, the water shooting from the fountain was Irish green!

Along the street where we parked is the most beautiful and interesting display of cactus varieties I've seen outside of the Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum. With so many in bloom now, I took lots of photos but selected these few to include in a collage.

Paul and Janet sampled their first ever green beer while we all enjoyed corned beef and cabbage for lunch. Their dog, Moose, couldn't have any beer of course but he did try to sink his teeth into Janet's corned beef!

We had parked next to the town's Veteran's Memorial and I was deeply touched by this statue of an elderly man with a cane, in uniform, saluting the flags. When we returned to our car, I took this in an attempt to capture the essence of the town's tribute to veterans.

Going home we took the scenic route, delighting in the wildflowers along the road...

...to Saguaro Lake, another reservoir on the Salt River.

We stopped along this stretch of the Salt River to admire the rock canyon walls. This is another breathtaking drive; the area is a photographer's dream.

Not far from home we stopped to photograph this hawk sitting on a dying Saguaro cactus.

Arriving home we quickly changed back into warmer clothes and headed off to attend Dylan's second tournament game. Whew! This was another fabulous day!

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  1. The fountain was beautiful to look at while it was shooting out green water kind of reminds me of here in chicago when they turn the river green for the holiday you always take the best pictures with this new camera it looks wonderful and don't worry about the size it's the pictures that count not the size of the camera talk to you soon have a safe trip back miss you lots.
    Jenny, Greg, Kelly, Sergio, & Hunter


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