Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shelby's Baking Day

Monday we spent the day at the kids' house. I had promised Shelby that we would do some baking while I'm here; now it's our last week so it was time. Taking advantage, I did our laundry there too. Rich took the car for service in prep for our trip home. Our baking lessons started with the boys very interested and helping make the dough for the chocolate chip cookies.

It gets pretty boring after the dough is made and it's just the baking part. Jackson drifted away first and then Dylan picked up my camera to take photos of the family pets.



I don't know why he didn't take one of their fish, Abe.

In addition to the cookies, Shelby had asked to make lemon cake and red velvet cupcakes; her mom had asked for cheesecake. Shelby stayed with the baking all day...and it took all day.

She is spreading the cream cheese filling on the bottom layer of dough for our favorite cheesecake recipe.

The lemon cake had cooled and been iced first; we made a couple of sizes of red velvet cupcakes which she is icing here.

Sandee and Shawn were surprised at all the baked goodies when they came home from work. On our way home, Rich and I stopped to take photos of the snow covered Mazatzal Mountains to the northeast of Phoenix. Can you see the Four Peaks?

Lovin' Life ~~ And the Warm Smell of Baked Goodies

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