Friday, March 2, 2012

Tuesday Feb 28 ~ Revisited

I was so excited about posting Shelby's concert that I completely ignored the rest of that day.

While Rich and Bill hiked, Deanne and I lunched and shopped. I didn't take any photos of that but Rich took lots of their hike. Since I wasn't there, and most of us likely never will be ;-) here are a few shots of their magnificent 9+ mile hike in the Superstition Mountains on Tuesday.

One of the first photos of the day.

By 9:20 when this photo was taken, they had already hiked to this point. Our car is way down there in that teeny tiny parking lot.

Can you see the trail? It's that fine line in the deepest crease through the valley floor.

The trails up there go from narrow and rock strewn, like this one, to nonexistent.

A giant yucca towering over Rich.

And the shots go on and on, but I'm going to leave you with this breathtaking scene.

It's no wonder that the guys have already begun to plan a variety of hikes in these mountains for next winter.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Hiking Vicariously

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