Friday, March 2, 2012

A Spare Day ~ Wednesday Feb 29

How did you invest your spare day? We invested ours in clean laundry and chores around the RV before getting ready to gather at Filly's for our regular Wednesday Wings and Pitchers with our neighbors. Later we joined them at the campfire down the street where the lively conversation, and maybe a drink or two...I'm just sayin'...continues well into the evening. As a special treat, Lisa made and brought me a fabulously delicious margarita since the one I had at Filly's was quite disappointing!

I did not take a single photo that entire day but plan to make up for that at Bill and Lisa's going away dinner Friday night. They are the first to leave, but we snowbirds will all be heading homeward over the next few weeks.

Bill and Deanne left to return home on Wednesday morning but I'm posting these photos from last Wednesday. This first one was taken at Filly's. We had arrived before the neighbors because we were coming back from our successful hunt for wild horses that day, as you may recall.

At the end of the day, we always played a few games of Farkle at our place. Of course Deanne and I won the vast majority of those games. If you ask the guys about it though, you'll discover that their memory is faulty and unreliable so better to just take my word for it!

Can you guess what they were laughing about on this particular evening?

Yep, they were expressing unbridled joy at the sight of Rich with a full head of hair!

Lovin' Life ~~ With Old and New Friends

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