Monday, August 27, 2012

A Snowmass Miracle

On our drive from Steamboat Springs to Glenwood Springs yesterday we saw some lovely scenes along country roads. At Rifle we took the I-70 east enjoying absolutely breathtaking scenery with the mountains and the Colorado River along the interstate. After we got parked and set up, we were happy to find that we are on the river with the railroad tracks just on the other side of it...sweet!

If I say "Today was special!" would you ask "Aren't they all?" I guess I do go on about our adventures but we are always so aware of just how lucky we are to be experiencing all these wonderful places. 

Our first stop in Glenwood Springs today was the Visitor Center to pick up brochures on things we might want to do while we're here. Rich was excited to see the information about the California Zephyr prominently displayed since that era and line are the focus of his N-scale railroad layout back home.

After driving around some to get our bearings, we headed down Hwy 82 toward Aspen. Just a few miles before there, we turned up toward Snowmass Village. The Snowmass Ski Resort is Rich's favorite spot and where we have so many great memories of our early ski trips together. Oh the stories I could tell! Here is the ski area, on the distant mountainside, as you're driving toward the Village. It's easy to pick out the ski runs. Now, just picture this covered with several feet of snow!

We drove up through the Village and parked near the transit center where the buses drop you off during ski season. We have always stayed in Aspen and ridden the free shuttle buses out to the mountains. They run all summer too and I was surprised as we drove around the area how many folks do ride them. Colorado is a very dog friendly state; you can take them most anywhere so we took the girls to Snowmass Mall.

This guy is the first thing you see as you enter the mall and walk toward the shops and restaurants.

There were several shops and restaurants open for business and a sprinkling of folks like us walking around and enjoying the beautiful day there.

There was a sidewalk chalk art competition there on Saturday so we got to see lots of cool art as we walked to the end of the Mall.

This was my favorite!

The Mall opens out onto a wide ski run in the winter. In this photo we are looking down Fanny Hill and standing under the Village Express Chair Lift. Just look at that view!

This man was operating the Sky Cab, a small gondola you can ride down to the bottom of Fanny Hill. He saw Bella pulling against her leash and asked if we had ever seen the leashes that go around their body behind the front legs. We had not. He asked if he could use their leashes to show us what he was talking about. He simply tied a loop knot in the leash so that it would tighten as they pulled...a freakin' miracle took place! Look at them just calmly standing there, loose leash with this complete stranger.

Do you want to see more proof of how miraculous this was? We sat in the outside dining area of a restaurant there and ate lunch...with the every table filled with diners...and they stayed calm...the girls I mean...giggle!

The owner even brought out water for them.

Not that I'm likely to ever forget this lunch, but it was so awesome that I want to post the delicious food too. Here is Rich's Cobb Salad. That's Dora sitting back there, of course.

And my Beef Stew...yummmm!

Just look at that loose leash in Rich's hand as he eats.

After lunch we drove on into Aspen, but even that paled in comparison to having lunch at a restaurant with The Girls! Seriously...I'll post about Aspen later. We drove around to our favorite places but the town was crowded with people and we didn't want to walk around with the girls so we didn't spend a lot of time there this afternoon.

Lovin' Life ~~ And a Miracle Leash

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  1. i will have to try that leash trick with hunter and kelly when i take them out for walks wow they are great with the leashes that way thanks for the tip have fun talk to you soon


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