Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where's Bev?

Placing this photo at the front of the post is an attempt to get the attention of our grands! They don't always check out the blog...often, but not always. How many of you know where this was taken? Isn't it our duty as Americans to stop here anytime we are passing through South Dakota on I-90?

Here are a few of the famous roadside Wall Drug signs. These were taken this morning as we drove from Rapid City to Wall. There are so very many along the interstate and they are so very fun!

Rich went in for just long enough to quickly look around for a hat, to take the photo of me riding the jackalope, and to try his hand at driving a different kind of rig! Then he went back to the car with The Girls.

Left on my own, I did some exploring. It takes a while to walk through all of the connected buildings that make up this store. They also have a lovely, serene chapel within the complex.

I even made a new friend...shhh...don't tell Rich though.

Even though it was such a short visit, I love stopping at this iconic piece of Americana.

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  1. Hi Sis, I can't believe that you didn't get donuts. They have the best donuts in the WORLD! Even better than Voodoo Donuts in Portland. Also, did you know that most of the people who work at Wall Drug are foreign exchange students? It was fun talking to some of them to see where they were from and what they especially liked and didn't like about the good ole USA. It is a great place to stop. I'm so glad you told us about it.

    1. Oh but we did get doughnuts and agree that they are FABU! They were brunch as we drove down into the Badlands and dessert following our picnic lunch. Yes, I admit that they are huge...what of it? giggle!

    2. I too enjoy my conversations with folks, of all ages and from all points of the world, who work these seasonal jobs. Most seasonal places are staffed with retired Americans and young foreign people. At one place last week a group of young Russians who work at a pizza restaurant were openly declaring that the length of time on their work visas was irrelevant because they are NEVER going back. So I'm not sure they're all exchange students; I think many are on work visas. What I've taken away from that exchange is the reminder that for all our grumbling about the way things are, most of the world would love to have our "problems."


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