Friday, August 10, 2012

Wildlife in Bighorn National Forest

For nine to ten hours today we explored the Bighorn Mountains, a portion of our drive was on the Bighorn Scenic Byway. Between us there were about 460 photos taken today and we are exhausted tonight so it will take a while for me to get through them. The best I can do tonight is to post photos of the wildlife we saw.

We saw deer four different times today, these was the first. These two bucks were not frightened by our car as they came out of the forest onto the road.

As they crossed the road, they were followed by a third buck which was nearly hit by the blue car coming toward us which barely slowed down. All I could do was watch and hope, so there are no photos of the third.

At one of our planned stops, this marmot was calling to me as I took a break during our hike. As I sat there, several others were playing on the hillside.

While sitting there I also heard this noisy bird which turns out to be a Clark's Nutcracker. It is named for the explorer, William Clark, who described the appearance and behavior of this bird on August 22, 1805 in his journal after observing it in Idaho.

As promised, there were more deer. These three were quite a way off road but watched us until they were satisfied that we were not a threat and then continued grazing.

Just outside the town of Ten Sleep, a single doe ran across the street in front of us. I had lowered my camera just in time to watch her glide effortlessly over a fence on the opposite side of the street.

Our last deer sighting was of these seven, three does and four fawns. This first photo was taken through the bug splattered windshield but I like it because all seven deer are in fawn is behind the doe on the left. The center doe ran into the forest.

Here is the doe on the left with two of the fawns.

And last, this is the doe on the right with the other two fawns. I LOVE this photo!

We also saw pikas playing on the hillside where the marmots were and a rafter of wild turkeys but I didn't get any photos of them.

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