Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heaven! (aka Colorado)

We left Rapid City, SD this morning, driving down through Wyoming, and crossing into Colorado at 6:00 this evening. The drive was about 330 miles through what is not the most scenic area of the country...ho hum. But now we are parked north of Fort Collins and are so happy to be in this state that holds such special memories for us!

We did see a couple of scenes worth posting today though. I wish I had been able to capture more of this Wyoming cattle ranch scene. I have a shot of the cattle in front of these but missed the other four or five cowboys who were working the herd along with this one. That was something to see...timing, yet again. This is the first time we have seen cattle being worked by cowboys on horseback on all the miles we've driven through cattle country.

Once in a while Bella will come to the end of her leash to have either Rich or me pet her. They are so good about all this traveling.

Just a few miles before the Colorado border, we saw a good-sized herd of pronghorns grazing in a pasture along I-25. The distance was too great and they were spread out widely so a clear photo of them was impossible. I do like this shot though after I cropped it to this weird, non-standard aspect ratio. The white areas of their bodies do show up here.

And now, excitedly, we are here...

Lovin' Life ~~ Happy to See the Rockies

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