Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Badlands National Park

We were at Wall Drug this morning because we had to drive to Wall, SD, then turn onto Hwy 240 to arrive at the Pinnacle Entrance to the 244,000 acre Badlands National Park.

Here is the view from the first overlook on our route...oh my!

Why yes, The Girls did come with us to enjoy the immense, yet stark, beauty of this Park.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the drive. Or go on about your business...your choice...always!

We had picked up sandwiches in Wall and stopped at a secluded picnic area to enjoy our lunch and get the girls out to walk and have a drink.

We were not truly alone though. The rock hills behind us were alive with the scampering, jumping, running of a seemingly endless number of Least Chipmunks. Oh how Bella wanted to get at one...for a pet I'm sure. What? No! Not our Bella! They would start toward us and quickly retreat when they realized that there were dogs next to our table. Bella never had a chance anyway...but don't tell her that! Least Chipmunks are the tiniest things imaginable and were fun to watch!

 Did you enjoy lunch? Now back to our drive through the park...

Lovin' Life ~~ And the Stark Beauty of the Badlands


  1. Hi Sis, We were there just as the sun was going down, so we didn't get to see much, but seeing it at sundown was so beautiful. I would love to get out there again some day.

    1. I wish we had time to go back during the evening. Sundown would be spectacular! As it is, we are so glad we went yesterday because it is extremely windy here today so it would be too dusty to enjoy it. Again, lucky timing!


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