Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our New Deck & Devil's Backbone

Sunday, August 19, 2012

As folks started pulling out this morning we picked our spot, went to the office to make arrangements, and moved several sites over. Our new site has a wooden deck out over the river bank and is furnished with a small table and four chairs.

We drove into Loveland again today to do laundry and then stopped at a restaurant called Backbone because they claimed to have “Gourmet Grub” and that tag piqued our curiosity. Guess what! They do serve gourmet grub…it’s a typical bar menu but the food was prepared in unusual ways and absolutely delicious. That meant that, on our way home from there, we had to stop at Devil’s Backbone.  I had noticed it before but never in time for us to turn into the narrow drive.

Home for the evening, Rich put the girls’ fence up to enclose the deck and we sat there listening to the river gurgle over the rocks…oh my! I even finished reading a book I started yesterday (having time to read is great but how I miss blogging, FBing, e-mailing, etc.!).

Even though we have no connectivity on all these fancy schmancy electronic media thingys, our old land line number, that we somehow bring along through the marvels of modern technology, actually works here…go figure! That meant I got to talk to Mom yesterday, then Sandee and the kids this evening which was fantastic!

Lovin’ Life ~~ Even Though Not Connected

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