Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

We spent the better part of today lounging at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. The main pool is 405 feet long, 100 feet wide, and holds over 1 million gallons of water which is kept at about 90°. The therapy pool, which stays at a whopping 104° is 100 feet long. There are more than 15 different minerals in the water which flows into the pools from the Yampah spring, located on the property. It has a daily flow of 3,500,000 gallons of water, at approximately 122° F so the water is cooled in addition to being treated with the required chemicals to meet health standards.

Rich is bringing chairs into the shade of the building where he sat and relaxed and worked on his fun stuff; the technology which allows internet connectivity wherever you may be means games, social media, weather, files, etc at your fingertips. His idea of relaxation though was to spend the time designing some new electrical connections in the RV!

Here is our spot for the day!

I went in the water a little after 11:00 looking like this; sat out for nearly an hour at lunch; went back in until almost 4:00; and came home looking like a boiled lobster! I used sun block on my face but didn't even think about my shoulders and back...

Something about the minerals in the water make it feel smooth, buoyant, and thick. When you cup it in your hands and let it spill, it sheets like those fountains you see where the water stays together in a shape. I floated on my back for ten, fifteen minutes at a time. I told Rich that I should always have my photo taken while floating in the water...giggle!

Rich got in the pool before I went back in after lunch...isn't he such the fish!?!?!

I decided to take my camera in the pool for some panoramic shots of the wonderfulness of this place. You really should come see it for yourself though...so relaxing and in such a beautiful place.

See Rich? He's sitting just to the right of the life guard station.

The pool is open year round so, even if you only come to the area to ski, you can still take a soak in the hot mineral spring waters of these pools.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Hot Mineral Springs

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  1. that pool sure looked nice and comfortable to be in i am sorry you got burnt but at lease you had a good time in the water even rich looked like he wa having a good time that is nice to see talk to you both soon


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