Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Enchanted Highway

You may not know it by this name but I would bet you have seen photos. Metal sculptor, Gary Greff, of Regent, North Dakota began designing and creating these massive sculptures installing the first, The Tin Family, in 1991. From where we are parked, it was about 400 miles of driving round trip to visit the seven sculptures along a 30 mile stretch of road between Gladstone and Regent, North Dakota. It was well worth the drive!

The Tin Family ~ 1991

Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again ~ 1993

Pheasants on the Prairie ~ 1996
To provide a sense of the size of these enormous sculptures, here are shots of Rich and I at the Pheasants.

The girls enjoyed the art along with us! Here they are, fascinated by the Pheasants.

Grasshopper's Delight ~ 1999

Geese in Flight ~ 2001

Deer Crossing ~ 2002

Fisherman's Dream ~ 2006

If you ever find yourself within a few hundred miles of The Enchanted Highway, be sure to visit this remarkable piece of Americana. Donation boxes are placed at some of the sculpture sights but I suggest visiting the Gift Shop in Regent for an ice cream cone and to shop for souvenirs in support of his art.

This drive provided us with the opportunity to see rural North Dakota and visit an interesting historical site too, so stay tuned!

Lovin' Life ~~ Enchanted

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  1. Hi Sis; I'm so glad you liked the Enchanted Highway. A grocery store cashier told us about it when we were staying at Mt Rushmore. It is out of the way of just about everywhere, though. We made it to Ft Clatsop and the ocean today. Fun, COLD, and gorgeous!!!


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