Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Driving Tips

Here are a couple of tips when driving because, again, part of the community service segment of this blog is to inform you.

Driving Tip #1

When riding your motorcycle, please keep in mind that it takes a while for us to slow down a motorhome. Therefore, rather than swerve close in front of us while braking please just drop behind us. That state sign, indicating that you just entered a different state, will still be there 30 seconds later for you to take a picture. Try to make sure you're still alive in 30 seconds to take the picture, okay?

Driving Tip #2

When driving your motorhome or pulling a trailer, it is important to know the clearance height of your vehicle. It is also important to figure in an allowance for the slope of the street going under the overpass. Otherwise, this could be your rig! This rig was brand new, but now needs two new air conditioning units and who knows what other damage may have occurred on the roof.

Driving Tip #3

Select a GPS app that enables you to enter important information such as the height of your vehicle. An app that allows you to design parameters about your vehicle and driving preferences will help you avoid the problem experienced by the driver in Tip #2. Our app, which is CoPilot Live, routed us around that overpass on Main St. in Miles City, MT.

Driving Tip #4

"Pull your head out of your ___________ (fill in: phone, map, tablet, makeup, daydream, snack, etc) when entering or leaving an interstate, freeway, or side street. A courteous awareness of our cumbersome vehicle is greatly appreciated. And...if you're driving, you should always be aware of vehicles around you and any limitations they may have anyway.

Lovin' Life ~~ Travelin' Safely Is Our Hope

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