Thursday, August 23, 2012

River View RV Park

While we drove to Steamboat Springs today, I got four posts ready to they come...more to follow!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Crossing this bridge over the Big Thompson River you enter the RV Park where we plan to stay for several days. Verizon doesn't have service here so we don't really have internet or phone. I’ll manage and select photos, then write and post when I can. However, we love this park because the river flows right at the back of our RV and we are halfway between Loveland and Drake, which is on the way to Estes Park...perfect!

In our RV Park there are carved tree trunks throughout. This one is ours…isn’t it adorable?

This next picture is why I love Colorado and how I always picture it in my mind. Nothing beats riding along on a highway with the river rapidly flowing between us and a steep canyon wall.

This was the scene as we approached Estes Park in late afternoon. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Rockies?

Coming back from Estes Park on a different road, the cars seemed to be coming out of the solid rock wall of the canyon. This is the narrowest, steepest rock wall canyon we have ever seen.

Rich walked down the bank right behind our RV after we got back to check out the river…no trout this evening.

Lovin’ Life ~~ Being in Colorado

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