Friday, August 31, 2012

Rafting the Rapids

Now this was quite the adventure. We rafted down the Colorado River through the Shoshone Rapids; some were Class III rapids. Rich is in the front and I'm directly behind him. It didn't seem all that scary at the time but looking at these photos...terrifying! haha

Oh. My. Gosh. Here we go...No you can't hold on!...You have to paddle...

In these next two photos you can see that we did nearly fall out of the raft when it went up on its side against that rock and we were on the low side.

A camera guy rode a bicycle along the path above the river, getting in front of us as we approached each of the rapids. There were calmer spots in between. 

It was such a blast that we did it all over again! We pulled the raft out of the river just past the last of the rapids, loaded it back on the trailer that was waiting for us, drove back up to the input, and rode those same rapids a second time. That time, after we passed through the last rapids, it was just a float back to the rafting place and after all that excitement, it did seem pretty boring.

Speaking of boring, this afternoon was cleaning and laundry, talk about anticlimactic! But then it rained and just look what we saw...a complete rainbow with more layers of color than usually seen; the color even reflected on the hillside!

See all the layers in this zoomed shot?

Lovin' Life ~~ And More New Experiences

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