Monday, August 13, 2012

Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Memorial

This is why we backtracked to South Dakota! The Black Hills are spectacular and there are so many things to do and see here.

We have just entered the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
This is one of those places in America that makes one so proud and so emotional.

A walk through the Avenue of Flags...

...leads you onto the Grand Viewing Terrace where I took this next photo.

Leaving the Memorial we continued on through the Black Hills National Forest and had not driven but a few minutes when we saw her.

When you visit, do drive the Norbeck Scenic Byway. There are three single-lane tunnels like this one; each has a view of the Presidents. We didn't know that at the time.

Coming out the other side of the tunnel above, we gasped when we saw this.

Farther along we stopped at the Norbeck Overlook and I walked to a viewing terrace that provided this view of the Presidents. At this point you are less than a mile away and are nearly face level with them.

Here is a zoomed shot from that Overlook.

As we continued our drive to Custer State Park, we came upon this doe and two fawns. This makes a few times now that we have seen two fawns with a doe. Is that somewhat common?

While we were driving through Custer State Park, we saw three Pronghorns grazing near a resort. We could only get two in a shot.

All day we saw amazingly beautiful scenery and passed through several historic, touristy small towns that we would love to spend some time visiting.

We soon came out on Highway 16 and the entrance to the Crazy Horse Memorial. We just drove in but didn't stay. Not much had changed visibly since we were here in the mid-90s. It has been in process for 65 years and I do hope to someday see it completed.

Stay tuned...the day wasn't over yet!

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