Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 11 - Lower Manhattan

We are all exhausted after walking all over Lower Manhattan today but we saw two of our top attractions here. Ellis Island and Liberty Island are still closed while damage from Hurricane Sandy is repaired so we couldn't visit either island, just view them.

We began our day on the ferry that leaves from our RV Park and crosses Liberty Harbor to Pier 11 on the East River.

From Pier 11 we walked west and then south through Manhattan to Battery Park at the south end of the island.

There we boarded a StatueCruises boat for a tour of Liberty Harbor.

 From our boat we saw this magnificent view of the Freedom Tower!

Mid-Town and Upper Manhattan from the harbor.

Ellis Island

Seeing the Statue of Liberty was at the top of Shelby list.

The boys were both excited to see this national treasure too!

She is my favorite monument to this great country of ours and seeing the Statue of Liberty is always emotional for me.

On our return to Battery Park we checked out this American Eagle.

From there we walked at least a million miles to the 9/11 Memorial Center on Vesey St where we lucked into Memorial tickets for admission in a half hour so we walked another half a million miles down Church to the entrance.

The Memorial itself is too awesome and emotional for words.

The Survivor Tree brought me to tears.

I needed a break and we had time before the first run of the evening ferry so we had a 2:30 meal at BLT in The W New York which is quite a lovely hotel. Our food was really good too!

Rather than walk all the way back around the end of the island to Pier 11, we took a taxi and made it onto the first ferry at 4:00.

When we grocery shopped yesterday, Shelby picked out a cake and after showers we celebrated her tenth month of her tenth year birthday, complete with candles. We had committed to always being with the kids on their 10th birthdays but with this trip and then our early return to AZ this fall, we just can't fit in a trip to AZ in August so we made this her special day.

After cake, there was another rousing game of Crazy Eights; Shelby loves playing games and they have all had a lot of fun doing that this trip.

Lovin' Life ~~ Even With Aching Feet

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