Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 9 - Liberty Harbor

This was more, much more, than just another driving day. The kids added a couple more states to the list of those they have visited and we had a big surprise for them at our lunch stop.

We drove across Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island and then south on I-95 into Connecticut!

We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's on the I-95 in Connecticut. We had nearly finished our lunch when look who walked in...Aunt Barb and Ryan! It took the kids a bit to realize that "Hey I know them! It really is them!"

It took many texts and lots of luck but we made it happen! They are obviously on vacation too, but traveling in the opposite direction as we are, even though we are all going to some of the same places. They were coming from their visit to NYC & New Jersey. It was such a treat getting to visit with them along the way!

From Connecticut we passed through New York again, for a whole 32 miles including the Bronx, before driving over the George Washington Bridge...

...which dropped us into New Jersey!

Rich drove us right through this throng of cars to our street, the last one before entering the Holland Tunnel. See why I keep telling you that this man is totally amazing? How many of you would want to drive a motorhome, towing a car, through this?

A few blocks later we turned into our RV Park. It may not be the most scenic view of them but, from my seat in the RV, I can see the Statue of Liberty...

...and Ellis Island.

After getting set up, we all walked down to Liberty Harbor and took in this view of Manhattan...

...from the harbor ferry dock.

Lovin' Life ~~ Stay Tuned!

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