Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our New Bed

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This has been a busy, if not spectacular week. How could any routine week hope to compete with the last three weeks though? We have a long list of tasks, appointments, projects, etc to complete before we go to AZ this fall. Since the kids left on Sunday, Dylan celebrated his 12th birthday, Jackson's been attending Freshman Football training, and Shelby has jumped into swim team. They are SO busy that Dylan is the only one we've talked to this week. A long-overdue three hour breakfast with my BFF Sandee B, a photo shoot for an updated neighborhood directory, the delivery of our new bed, and finding a replacement for Google Reader were the highlights of the week. The rest was routine cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, errands, blah, blah, blah...

Just because it's beautiful, I'm posting this photo first so that it is featured on whatever reader you may be using these days. I took this from our deck last evening after we had several brief rain storms throughout the afternoon/early evening.

Now let's talk about beds. Ten years ago we bought a king bed with a thick know the kind. I have hated it since the day they delivered it but I was determined that we would sleep on it for at least ten years, since we paid a bleeping fortune for it, no matter how uncomfortable it was...and it was uncomfortable. By golly, we did it. That bed was so high that I felt like a pole vaulter every night as I backed up to it, then launched myself up, to land backside down, onto it...lovely mental image, huh? Just look at how that monstrosity consumed the entire wall of our large master bedroom, it towers above the nightstands, it nearly covers the headboard, and it is twice as high as the cedar chest at the foot of the bed!

Our next-door BFFs have had a Sleep Number bed for years and replaced it with a new one because they love it so much. With our ten year, self-imposed commitment realized, we had been to several mattress stores and remained undecided so we decided to check out Sleep Number. We were both sold after trying out Sleep Number beds in the store. We downsized from a stupid king size (who really needs a bed that big and why?) to a queen, which is what we have in both the motorhome and the AZ house. Just look at how much lower and narrower it is! Hallelujah! I didn't even have to find a replacement bedskirt because our huge king comforter goes all the way to the floor on this smaller bed. I feel like we've gotten our room back; see all the space on either side of it? The headboard and the nightstands are in scale with the bed again. And, since my feet touch the floor when I sit on the edge of the bed, I don't have to vault onto it! It was pretty good sleeping last night too, but a new bed is always an adjustment so we'll see.

Aren't you glad you came to my blog today? Don't I post the most informative and scintillating news? Do you now see why I tried to snag you in with that beautiful photo from last evening? 

Lovin' Life ~~ Mundane as It Is Some Weeks

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  1. mom and dad are talking about a new bed also, they have a king and have decided it is too big for the room (we all thought that when they got it) He has hated that bed also, says it is hard as a board! Good sleeping!!!! KAP


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