Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 12 - Empire State Building & Times Square

Shelby just asked me for a foot massage; we have done a LOT of walking the past two days. We began our day with a subway ride into the city.

From the subway it was just a few blocks to the Empire State Building, the first stop on today's list.

There were throngs of people there so all together we stood in interminably long lines to go up and then stood to enjoy the views and then stood in more lines coming back down which was a tough one for all of us. Looking south, just check out this view of Lower Manhattan...look closer and you will see the Statue of Liberty.

This is the view from the north side and you can see Central Park in the distance with the Hudson River on the left.

This evening Jackson said that this was his favorite activity of the day!

From the Empire State Building, we walked down 6th Ave and Broadway to Times Square.

This is Broadway & 44th St where Good Morning America is broadcast and where the largest toy store in the world, Toys R Us, is seen behind the kids..

This view says "Times Square" like no other, right?

Inside the Toys R Us store there is a three story Ferris Wheel that the kids and I rode. Don't miss seeing the boys near the bottom of this shot!

Loving giraffe's since she was little, this was Shelby's favorite spot of the day.

The guy demonstrating boomerangs had a blast with the can tell it was mutual, right?

This royal dude was at the entrance to one of the several candy areas in the store.

We didn't buy any candy at Toys R Us though, because we knew our next stop was the three story M&Ms store. Yes, those cylinders are filled with M&Ms and there were two more walls this size!

We bought five pounds of M&Ms at $13.00/lb...yikes! Who knew those bags were filling up with that much weight!! But that did earn us the opportunity to purchase the 'deal of the day' which was that beach towel/bag she is holding, a $30 value for a mere $10! Rich hasn't recovered from that expenditure yet!

The M&M store was the highlight of the day for Dylan since those have always been his favorite candy.

There are street islands throughout Times Square with benches, little tables, & chairs. We rested for a while and just enjoyed being here while my feet recovered enough for the long walk back down to the subway station on 33rd St for our trip home.

Lovin' Life ~~ Being Here in this Frantic City

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