Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7 - Newport, RI

It was unlikely that we would travel for three weeks without experiencing any inclement weather. It started raining last night and is still coming down. Today we only had two items on our agenda and the first was driving to Newport, RI to visit two of the Vanderbilt 'summer cottages' on the famous Bellevue Street of the Gilded Age. The rain wouldn't interfere much with that.

The main entrance gates to the Breakers, the largest of the homes which can be toured.

Breakers, the 70 room summer estate of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, was built in 1895. And, yes, I do make the kids stand out in the pouring rain for just a couple of photos since no photography is allowed inside these homes.

Marble House was completed in 1892. Alva Vanderbilt worked closely on the project with the architect. When completed, it was a 39th birthday gift to Alva from her husband, William Vanderbilt, whom she divorced three years later.

Have you ever seen such front doors on a home?

The second item on our agenda for today was relaxing on Easton's Beach in Newport. And so we did, we relaxed in the car, in the parking lot, long enough for me to take a couple of photos. Disappointing? A little, yeah. Some history of this particular beach caught my interest when we visited before; there were only certain hours that each gender could use the beach and mixed-gender bathing was only allowed one hour a day. The class and gender distinctions of the late nineteenth century were extremely rigid.

I shot this next photo after we had eaten at McDonald's around 4:00. Our grands get along so well and have so much fun together which is one reason why we enjoy being with them so very much. Even something as simple as a quick meal at McDonald's is occasion for much conversation and laughter.

After we got home, I made good use of a rainy evening and did laundry...five people = lots more laundry than two! We have some important outdoor sightseeing on the docket for tomorrow, our last day in Massachusetts, so...rain, rain go away...please?

Lovin' Life ~~ On Rainy Days Too!

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