Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 2 - Niagara Falls, NY

We didn't have time to stop in Cleveland on the way east so we drove to Pennsylvania and stopped for lunch just past the state line. The kids didn't even get dressed, actually the boys only got up long enough to move from the sofa bed back to our bed before we left the campground this morning.

There were miles of vineyards in Pennsylvania. Hmmm, maybe not as many as I made that sound like since the state is only 46 miles across at the top.

Look, Look! We are in New York state!

These bridges cross the Niagara River onto Grand Island where we are staying.

After getting set up for our two night stay, the kids had a blast on a paddleboat in the small pond here at the campground. I called this PJ Paddleboating...can you guess why?

They also talked me into buying this table football game that they were roaring and tussling over like they were at an Alabama game!

At 8:00 we drove to Niagara Falls State Park for a first look at the falls. The kids LOVED seeing them and the fireworks display was a special bonus! Notice...even though Shelby had to get dressed because it was a quite chilly evening, the boys wore their PJs to the was just that kind of laid back day.


Rich and the kids.

The kids and I.

Rich and the kids watching the fireworks display over the Niagara River at the Falls.

The falls are lighted at night!

This was yet another great day. After a boring ride, everyone perked up and we were all dazzled by the sights at Niagara Falls this evening.

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