Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 8 - Plymouth & Nauset Light Beach

Our luck continued with perfect weather for the activities we had planned for today. Late morning, we drove to Plymouth, MA to see where the Mayflower landed. Behind the kids is the columnar structure that surrounds Plymouth Rock.

This is Plymouth Rock. I was so shocked at how small it is the first time I saw it and when we are here I am still amused remembering how I had envisioned it since grade school.

From Plymouth we drove out onto Cape Cod to visit the National Seashore. We parked at Nauset Light Beach and played in the surf for the next two hours. The kids had a blast!

There were a few seals that we could see quite a ways offshore and I got this lucky shot of one...zoomed and cropped of course.

Doesn't this look like a slice of Heaven?

I always wade in and get wet; today Rich even got caught by a wave that made it all the way up to where he had been standing.

Rich had Jackson write "Cape Cod 2013" in the sand and we all posed for pictures.

Then back to racing the surf.

Time to go

Now to climb the newly rebuilt, five flights of stairs, back up to the parking lot...whew!

One last photo before getting in the car...that is Nauset Light behind the kids.

After stops for dinner and to pick up last minute provisions at WalMart, Dylan and Shelby played miniature golf at the campground when we got sure beat putting groceries away...haha! Tomorrow is a driving day.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Beautiful Beaches

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