Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 4 - To Massachusetts

This is a good illustration of just how exciting this day was for the kids.

But it was a good day because Rich decided to drive the 465 miles into our Massachusetts destination which put us a whole day ahead of schedule! The weather was perfect for driving and we got an early start by moving the kids back to our bed before they ever really woke up. I took very few photos but here are a couple.

Crossing the Hudson River

Driving through the Appalachians in New York

Crossing the state line between New York and Massachusetts

Our drive today was filled with an endless variety of greens. This is verdant country up here. Now we are settled a ways south of Boston for five nights. I hope connectivity improves because we are going to have some adventures to share with you all.

There was one shock for Rich and me today...driving from Buffalo, NY on the I-90 to the New Canaan Toll Booth cost us $57.00! That was no typo...$57.00 for a toll! I wish I had a photo of our faces when the guy told us the amount. I had a twenty out because I thought it was going to be $15 (which he informed me was the rate for a car); it nearly broke my heart, and my wallet, to pull out two more twenties. To add insult to injury, we paid another $11.85 at a booth on the Massachusetts Turnpike...yikes!

Lovin' Life ~~ Not Tolls

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