Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6 - Boston!

For this second day in Boston, we visited a few spots that we couldn't cover on the trolley ride yesterday. It was a lucky day for parking and the weather continued to be perfect. This was a slower paced morning; we didn't get to Fenway until 11:00 so had to wait for the 12:00 tour.

That was fine with the boys since we spent that hour shopping at the Red Sox store! I, however, want to share that I walked into this store and immediately noticed that most of the hats were emblazoned with the single letter "B"...I felt so honored that I purchased a "B"ev hat for myself and wore it throughout the tour. Here's Shelby standing in front of just a small sample of the walls filled with "B" hats!

Before we had a chance to get bored, our tour began and we were inside Fenway Park! Here are just a few shots of our tour but know that we covered most of the park...

...including getting to sit in the section on top of The Green Monster!

From there we drove to the Back Bay and found parking just a couple of blocks from the Mapparium. That is a stained glass globe with a 30 foot diameter that you walk through on a glass bridge. Photos are not allowed but if you ever have the chance, do take time to see it. It's awesome being in the center of the earth and the acoustics inside that glass globe are also a unique experience.

The Mapparium is located in the Mary Baker Eddy Library located on the 14 acre grounds of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, which includes sculptures, buildings, and a reflecting pool. Mary Baker Eddy was the founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist. We also visited the beautiful, enormous Mother Church before touring the Mapparium.

After an early dinner around 3:00 we drove over the Charles River to Cambridge to visit Harvard, which is on Dylan's list of potential colleges. These words were engraved above the gate through which we entered Harvard Yard...

To Grow in Wisdom

That gate is named Dexter Gate, which the kids loved of course!

The Widener Library

The kids in The Yard.

Rubbing the toe of John Harvard for luck.

Harvard Coop...where we all went shopping!

A ballpark, a church, a university...what an itinerary to expose our young grands to more of our great country!

Lovin' Life ~~ Traveling With These Great Kids

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