Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 5 - Boston!

Our parking garage was near here so we began our day in Faneuil Hall, The Cradle of Liberty. Here, in the second floor Great Hall, many meetings were held that led to the Revolutionary War.

We traveled throughout the city and over to Cambridge on the Old Town Trolley. The drivers shared a lot of interesting stories and you could get off/on at all their stops but some of the actual sites were quite a walk from the trolley stops.

Paul Revere statue with the steeple of Old North Church in the background

A box pew in Old North Church

Old North Church

Again with the "hood ornament pose"; Grandpa started this a few years ago and now one of the kids will invariably suggest it...too fun.

Getting ready to enter Paul Revere's house.

In Boston Common

Picking up pizza slices for lunch. We ate across the street in the Public Garden.

Going to the Boston Tea Party.

Dumping tea overboard from the deck of the Eleanor.

Manning the wheel of the Eleanor.

Quincy Market, the oldest public market in the country.

Fresh Boston Pretzels and Boston Fries at Quincy Market...don't worry Sandee & Shawn, some days they eat real food!

We sat here enjoying our snacks and the ambience...the kids even tried Rich's scallops but they won't ever be fighting him for those.

Dylan was selected to assist a funny, talented guy who was performing in front of Quincy Market when we came out after our snack.

Dylan, the street performer!

We ended our day in the city, where it began, at Faneuil Hall.

After a stop at WalMart to replenish supplies, we finally got home at 9:15.

Lovin' Life ~ And Our History

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