Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Most Spectacular Day

It felt so good to be arriving in Apache Junction early this afternoon. We live about 1,700 miles from here but the scenic trip we made this time covered 3,391 miles...what a great trip it's been though!

This morning The Girls seemed to sense that this was a special day; they both wanted the same seat while we were on the road and neither budged for quite some time. Finally Dora laid down on the seat which caused Bella to jump over to the couch.

After he got the motorhome parked and setup, Rich and I visited with our AJ, AZ friends. Next he got the patio rug and fence set up; Dora stayed out there until we left. She loves being outside.

After a few more chores, Rich and I sat outside for a while too. Bella was not leaving his side for a minute though.

Last winter we discovered Rubio's and ate there several times so we were eager to go there for dinner this evening. It was every bit as good as we remembered...just look at those fish tacos on my plate and the steak ones on Rich's...yum, yum!

But the best part of this spectacular day was yet to come. All but Sandee thought we were coming in Friday afternoon so we drove over to surprise them after dinner...and were they ever surprised. Talk about a welcome; it amazes me that we get to be grandparents to these incredibly loving kids.

I'm not a great people photographer but here are a few portraits from this exciting evening.

Here's my favorite photo of the evening; Rich took this one of our grands and me!

Lovin' Life ~~ Thrilled to Be in Arizona!

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