Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Florida Family

Today was special...very special. I've mentioned before that my Uncle Don and Aunt Audrey live much of the time with their youngest daughter, Jenny, and her family in Florida. They all had been in Illinois for a family wedding (that we sadly missed) last weekend and returned home about 11:30 last night after a 14 1/2 hour drive. Jenny said they would love for us to visit today and I thought I would bring dinner since they have been gone. Oh no, nothin' doin' the time she and I talked this morning her husband was marinating the steaks; she was making her niece's famous cheesy potatoes; her mom was making two fabulous salads and deviled eggs; her daughter was making desserts and there were several other dishes that magically appeared on the table too. But the surprise dish was Grandma's Banana Salad that Uncle Don made for me! And more than once through dinner the debate continued. Uncle Don insists that his mom used Mayo in this salad. Aunt Audrey, Kathy, and I KNOW she used Miracle Whip. We all wish Grandma could settle this once and for all, but then we couldn't continue this family debate...giggle! At any rate, here is a three generation family that works...they are amazing!

It looks like Uncle Don and Rich were solving the world's problems.

Jenny and Aunt Audrey were bustling around the kitchen. You could tell they do this a lot because they were both working on several things and never got in each other's way, pretty impressive. I didn't get a photo of Ryan at the grill.

Jenny and Uncle Don

I apologize for this one Aunt Audrey but it was the best I had of Aiden and Macie (the dessert chef) and it shows how much they love and enjoy you.

Ryan and Jenny with their Macie and Aiden; Aunt Audrey and Uncle Don. Again, this was the best of everyone except Uncle Don which is why I'm posting more than one photo of them.

Rich and I with Aunt Audrey and Uncle Don.

I am so happy that we were able to schedule our travels around their trip so that we had this wonderful afternoon together. They have such a fabulous home with plenty of space for everyone and obviously love each other which makes it all work.

Thank you all for a wonderful and delicious day! I'm in awe of what you all did in such a short time to welcome us into your home.

Lovin' Life ~~ Any Day With Family

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