Friday, November 2, 2012

November is NaBloPoMo

No, that's not random typing by one of our Girls. It's the acronym or whatever for National Blog Posting Month. Every November when reading about this I would think "Yeah! I'm in!" before quickly realizing that it was already the 3rd or the 5th or ???. Since I did post yesterday and read about it already today, let's give it a try. OK? It might actually be doable for me this year since we'll be on the road the whole month. What do you think...a win/win?

This lovely scene was at the end of the T-road as we left our RV Park near Corbin, KY this morning.

As soon as we entered the interstate in Kentucky, and for the rest of this glorious day, we were in awe of the rich autumn colors on display in the mountains as we drove through these three gorgeous states.



North Carolina

We drove through two tunnels in the mountains of North Carolina...I really liked this shot!

Not long before we got to Asheville, NC we saw snow on the tops of these mountains a little ways to the east. I like snow but that's close enough for now.

Isn't this absolutely breathtaking? This is the Swannanoa River and I took this from the walking bridge between our section of the RV Park where we are staying in the Asheville area and another section of our park. There are also two lakes on the other side; this is a beautiful RV Park!

I hope to have time while we're here to sit on this bench beside the Swannanoa River and read; it's just a short walk down river from the bridge.

We're going to be here at least three sleeps so if you have sightseeing or restaurant suggestions, please pass them on!

Lovin' Life ~~ In Autumn


  1. When my dad went to Franklin, North Carolina, they went to this place and got a bucket of dirt and sorted out the semi-precious gems. He really had fun and it's turned into a nice little hobby for him. If you're near there, let me know and I'll get the exact name of the place for you - they found out that it was the best one in the area, but I can't remember what it was called.


    1. That sounded like fun so I looked up Franklin and unfortunately it is southwest of Asheville. We are headed east when we leave here in a few days. Next time!


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