Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blue Ridge Parkway/Asheville/Swannanoa River

We drove about 20 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway out of Asheville, NC this morning. That was as far as we could go on that road, just to the point where it was closed because there was ice and snow further up. As we've seen the past couple of days, there is still enough color in the trees to take your breath away. Here are just a few of the many shots I took today.

This scene of many layers of mountains in the distance is a favorite of mine anytime we are fortunate enough to have a long view of several peaks like!

When we drove through the city of Asheville after driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, we stopped in the center of downtown, Pack Square Park. This pergola is gorgeous! The juxtaposition of the wavy stainless steel top with the traditional columns is so unique.

The Asheville City Hall stands behind the pergola in this photo. The brick floor in this area was highlighted with bright blue tiles.

Leaving the city, we drove through the Beaucatcher the name! What do think of the processing? It really dramatized the light circles.

Back at our RV Park, Rich took the Girls for a walk and I headed toward the river a few minutes later. As I approached the bridge, I noticed these ducks coming toward me from the left and wondered if they would scatter but they just crossed in front of me

walked over the bridge to the other side of the river

turned right

and only then did I see that they were joining many others gathered at the feet of a young girl who was feeding them! Those ducks determinedly hiking to get a share of those treats was such a thrill to watch!

I continue walking to the first lake to see if I could spot Rich and the Girls. This shot of a single leaf floating in the lake shows how very clear the water is in these campground lakes.

I soon spotted them walking on the other side of the lake.

When I walked around the lake to meet them, I noticed this spot where the river curves. They went on back to the motorhome but I sat on a bench enjoying the perfect weather and this peaceful view until it started getting chilly out.

Lovin' Life ~~ Absorbing All This Beauty

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