Thursday, November 29, 2012

Errands Day

This was a busy day with lots of errands that are simply a part of getting settled into a new "home" for the next few months: arranging for mail, motorhome stuff, parts for projects, shopping, getting water...out here there are these roadside kiosks where you can fill containers with filtered drinking water for only 15 cents a gallon...way cool.

No one who knows me well would ever guess why I shopped for closed toe, socks required (ugh) shoes today when everyone who knows me well knows that I wear flips nearly year-round.

I LOVE this tree. It sits behind our motorhome, just across a shallow wash and the tiny light green leaves are such a lovely contrast to the dark, twisted trunk and branches. This is one reason why we kept the same spot as last year.

Sitting outside with Rich and The Girls, our evening sky.

Lovin' Life ~~ Settling In For The Winter

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