Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Last Day in Asheville, NC

Thank goodness Rich called the Cape Hatteras campground this morning to ask a few questions since we were planning to head northeast tomorrow morning. The woman he talked to there told us that the road at Rodanthe to the Outer Banks was destroyed and still not rebuilt but there is an emergency ferry; the waits were long this weekend but they may have added another ferry; access to the beach is still difficult; a nor'easter is headed their way; and the ferrys to the south require reservations. Anyway, the determining factor was the weather...sitting inside the motorhome near the beach because the weather is cold and windy? I don't think so. By the time we had decided on an alternate plan, the morning was nearly gone.

Since we're leaving, this was my last opportunity for North Carolina Pulled Pork. After checking out a few places online, I picked Luella's Bar B Que in Asheville...what great eats! You can also play a game of corn hole in the parking lot!

The food is served on tin pie plates! I had pulled pork, mac & hoop cheese, green chiles & cheese grits, and hush puppies. They serve the meat smoked and you add your own sauce from a selection of several. I LOVED everything on my plate!

Rich had chopped beef brisket, calico beans, green chiles & cheese grits, and hush puppies. We like most anything with green chiles and the grits were delicious with that addition.

We then went downtown again to walk around. Unfortunately the art museum is closed on Mondays but just look at this sculpture on the building next to the entrance...a grapevine with basketballs for the grapes...loved it!

This sculpture is in remembrance of the horse-head fountains that were attached to gas street lamps in the 1880s at opposite ends of what is now Pack Square Park in Asheville.

In this next photo you will see what, as of today, is one of my all-time favorite sculptures. This boy on a pair of homemade wooden stilts reminds me of my dad and brother. Every once in a while, throughout my life, Dad would get out his stilts and walk around, thrilling all of us. He was in his eighties when he fell, receiving severe abrasions on his face, during what I believe was his last walk on his stilts. My brother, Wayne, was no stranger to those stilts either, but I think he learned from Dad that it is a cool thing for younger men!

We didn't want to miss out on an evening walk around the campground lake because we have loved that during our stay here. Can you see Rich walking the girls on the opposite side? Do you love the reflections in the still water?

This next shot was taken from another side of the lake and with that we bid goodbye to this lovely city and this lovely campground.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Asheville, NC

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